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Honda promotes the safe, responsible operation of its range of 4-wheelers.

Honda Australia Rider Training (HART) is fully owned and run by Honda who, apart from being the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, is also one of the world’s largest trainers of motorcyclists. Completing a training course is an important step in learning to operate your Work Range vehicle safely.

Honda is a Quality Endorsed Company and HART’s instructors are qualified and experienced to deliver industry leading Work Range training. Visit HART online at

It’s important to Honda that you operate your vehicle with the highest safety considerations in mind, please carefully read the instructions for safe operation on the right side of this page.

Honda also encourages you to read your Honda owner’s manual and watch the “You and Your ATV” safety DVD which comes free with every Honda Work Range vehicle.

Adhere to these safe riding practices and you’ll get pleasure and enjoyment from your Honda Work Range vehicle for many years to come.

For further information on how Honda is dedicated to the advancement of safety contact Honda Australia on 1300 1 Honda (1300 1 46632) or visit us online at


  • Complete an accredited safety course.
  • Always wear an approved helmet, eye protection, leather gloves and boots.
  • Wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt to avoid injury from branches and to avoid the effects of the sun.
  • Make sure your feet remain on the footrests at all times.
  • Always secure your load and check your recommended rack and tow capacity.
  • Always fasten your load as low as possible to prevent ATV or SXSfrom from overturning.
  • Check operating controls and tyre pressures on a daily basis.
  • If you can't see ahead it is recommended that you slow down.
  • Be on the constant look out for rocks, holes, logs, wire and other hidden dangers.
  • Study the owner’s manual carefully.
  • Make sure you service and maintain your Work Range as per the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual.


  • Never carry passengers. ATV's are designed for a single rider only.
  • Never ride your ATV or SXS on bitumen roads.
  • Never allow children under the age of 16 to ride a full size ATV or SXS.
  • Never leave the ignition key in an unattended ATV or SXS.
  • Never exceed the recommended rack and tow capacity of your ATV or SXS.
  • Never ride your ATV or SXS up a slope or embankment that is too steep to walk up.
  • Never have your Honda Work Range vehicle serviced by an unqualified mechanic.
  • And please, never harm the environment through irresponsible riding.
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