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The 2017 Pioneer 500 now has a fully automatic all-gear transmission meaning no belts that slip, break or burn out. Allowing for easy manageability through an ever changing Aussie landscape; the transmission can change between fully automatic and manual electric shift modes via a toggle switch.

Hard Roof

Full Poly Windscreen (Hard Coat)

Full Poly Tip-Out Windscreen (optical)

Tow Hitch Ball

Wind Deflector

Fabric Doors

Side Mirror

Rearview Mirror

Rear Cab Net

Fabric Roof/Rear Panel

Fabric Rear Panel


Horn Kit Wire Harness

Accessory Sub Harness

Aluminium a-arm guards(FR)

Aluminium Skid Plate

Aluminium a-arm guards(RR)

Draw Bar

Back up Alarm

Back up Alarm Wire Harness

Rubber Floor Mats

Light Bar

Aux Lights

Aux Lights/Light Bar Wire Harness

38mm Light Bar/Aux Light Clamp

41mm Light Bar/Aux Light Clamp

44mm Light Bar/Aux Light Clamp

Work Light

Work Light Wire Harness

Cargo Tray

Rear Rack Bag (Large)

Rear Rack Bag (Small)

Cab Frame Cargo Bag

Cargo Box

Front Underhood Tray

Underseat Storage Box

Front Bumper

Rear Bumper


Winch Mount

Plow Blade (54")

Plow Push Tube

Plow Mount

Full Storage Cover

Full Storage Cover W/Accessories

Bimini Top

Bimini Top (Camo)

Fabric Door (camo)

Fabric Roof/Rear Panel (camo)

Towable Storage Cover

Accessories Pricing and Availability

Contact your Honda Dealer for availability and pricing. Prices shown here are based on an MSRP price. For exact pricing and installation cost please see an authorized Honda Dealer.

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