What you should consider in replacing a gear knob

Have you ever looked at your gear knob and struggled to find the guide patterns? Or are you confident that there’s a reasonable chance for the knob to come off since it’s that old? Or are you planning to sell your car, and you don’t want to leave your old gear knob in the vehicle? If you’re facing any of these situations or any other, you should know that it was about time you replaced the gear knob,

In getting the perfect replacement, here are the fundamental factors that you should consider.

The make and model of the vehicle

Every car is unique; so are its features. Almost everyone loves their vehicle and that’s why they’d try their best to keep them in the best condition. Hence, if your intended seller is not able to list down the products of the gear of shift knobs, you might want to reconsider. After all, think about having a random gear knob in your Porsche – no one deserves that.

The gear system as a whole

There are manual gear systems that have 5 gears, and then there are ones with 6 gears and a handful have 7 gears as well. When it comes to auto ones, it’s pretty much the same thing in all the vehicles.

So, when you’re buying a new gear knob, you need to remember that you’re not the only person who’ll drive a vehicle. On top of that, having 5 gear knobs in a car that has 6 gears is not the best idea. That’s why the gear system must be considered when buying gear knobs.

Whether you can replace it on your own

Internet is full of DIY guides and if you looked it up, there are more than enough guides to replace your gear knob. However, there are some cars that shouldn’t be meddled with except for the professionals. If you feel like you need assistance, don’t feel shy to get professional help at all.

The shape of the knob

This goes without saying – the knob should help you to do the gear transmission; not make you feel reluctant to touch it.

Budget compatibility

The starting price of a modern gear knob is below the 100$ mark. However, within the range between 150$ and 200$, you can get a solution that lasts for a very long due to its supreme quality.

Shop of choice

Here’s the thing about the aftermarket industry that you need to know – not all sellers care about your needs at a physical store. After all, who do you think will get the most attention; the person who wants his entire exhaust system replaced, or the one who’s buying just one gear knob? But there’s a solution for this. When you shop online, everyone gets treated equally and that’s where you find the best prices, and that’s the best-recommended solution.

Final thoughts

We’ve pretty sure that we covered all the relevant factors that are applicable. So, as long as you adhere to these factors, you’re going to get the best possible gear knob in this new year.