Different Types of Truck Suspension Systems

Suspension is a key element of the overall functionality of your pickup truck, whether you have a Dodge Ram 4×4 or a tiny Toyota Tacoma. A suspension system, which consists of a sequence of springs and suspension systems, is designed to protect both the driver and the vehicle from potentially unpleasant and/or dangerous road conditions.

What is a Suspension System and How Does It Work?

When you strike a bump, a suspension system is generally built with springs that absorb some of the shock, enabling the tires and axle to move freely and lessening the effect on the rest of the truck.

You’d feel every last little hole in the road if the truck’s axle was tied directly to the chassis without any form of suspension springs since nothing will be in place to cushion the shock. You wouldn’t be able to drive the vehicle because the tires would fly off the ground anytime you hit a bump. You can go online to find the best 4×4 accessories for Dodge Ram.

Suspension System with Leaf Springs

A leaf spring mechanism is among the earliest types of suspension, consisting of one or more long, arching pieces of steel that flex as needed (such as when you hit a pothole or dump a load in the bed of the truck), but can also return to their original shape.

The frame is connected to one end of a leaf spring, while the other end is connected to a moving shackle, enabling the spring’s total length to change as far as its arch bends. The system can sustain additional weight by adding more leaf springs, and that is why heavy-duty trucks have many layers of leaf springs.

Leaf Spring Comfort Factor

A single leaf spring can’t hold as much weight as multiples, but it flexes more easily with the road’s highs and lows, resulting in a more comfortable ride.

By making it very difficult for the primary leaf to flex and keeping the truck from bottoming out, a stack of leaf springs bears a higher load. When the pickup bed is empty, the trade-off is a harder ride since there is very little flex without a cargo.

Coil Spring Suspension Systems

The front of most trucks, as well as the front and rear of most cars, are equipped with coil spring suspension systems. On either side of the car, a single coil is usually used. The coil springs move around freely than leaf springs, providing more give and a much more ride quality.

Rear Suspension Systems

For pickup truck rear suspensions, manufacturers have typically employed leaf springs since they believed that design provided the best support for big loads.

With the 2009 Ram 1500s, Dodge broke with convention and installed a coil spring suspension system in the rear, stating that it would handle a load without sacrificing comfort. The system has shown to be extremely effective.

These are some of the main types of suspensions used in pickup trucks.